Celebrating 30 Years of Sisterhood on Motorcycles

Commemorative 30-year anniversary patch

In 1989, when Gloria (“Glow”) Garrett decided to start a group for women motorcycle riders in the Denver area, she had no idea that the group she founded would still be here, going strong, 30 years later.

Glow shares these reflections  on the chapter’s origins:

An independent woman looking for her people. I started the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in the Wind because I didn’t listen to those who told me I couldn’t.

The chapter grew up along with women riders. At the time of its inception, very few women rode their own motorcycles. Bike manufacturers didn’t know we existed and bike shops hadn’t quite adjusted the cater to women riders. Bike gear and clothing were all designed for men. Yes, there were certain articles of clothing made just for us which, of course, showed off our best assets, but for the serious rider, not so much.

Being single and a new “street rider” myself, I was looking for women to ride with. I purchased every motorcycle magazine I could find (no google then). Lo and behold on the very back page of one, I discovered a tiny little ad for Women in the Wind. The founder, Becky Brown, took me under her wing and the rest is history.

My roommate had just purchased a motorcycle, I put an ad in the Denver newspaper, posted at a few bike shops and we were set up for our first meeting. Only one woman showed up, my roommate bailed and I thought, well, this is moving right along.

Over the years, the membership has changed, as has the overall organization. The “biker” attitude has become a bit more tolerant of women riders. We are stronger, we have a voice, we have bikes, gear and clothes that fit us. We bond with each other over motorcycles and life-long friendships are formed. Most importantly, we have fun.

It is my pleasure to have started the first Colorado chapter of Women in the Wind and to watch it grow and to pass the baton to those of you who will take this legacy into the next 30 years.

Dedicated to the women we rode with then, ride with now and will ride with in the future.

glow with 30 year patch
Gloria “Glow” Garrett holding 3o-year commemorative patch

Today, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in the Wind is going strong, with members throughout Denver and the Front Range area of Colorado. We gather monthly throughout the year and ride motorcycles together as often as we can.

For more historical tidbits of Women in the Wind International and its many chapters around the world, visit https://witwhistory.wixsite.com/witwhistory.