Riding Buddies

We’ve shared about some of our members who ride motorcycles with their dogs, but members of Women in the Wind Rocky Mountain Chapter don’t limit themselves to riding with canine companions only!

Lisa likes to ride with Thelma, her cat, in a harness. (Thelma’s sister Louise has to stay home, though.)

Lisa and her cat, Thelma, in a harness

But sometimes you just can’t bring your dogs or cats along with you, even when you have the space for them. In these times, other furry friends will do, too.

Colleen and friends in sidecar

Member Profile: Zoey, Ace Motorcycle Rider and Coach

In her own words:

As a child, I couldn’t wait for my feet to touch the pegs and took many naps on the back of my dad’s ’91 Kawasaki Concours. In 2009, I finally got my motorcycle license and have been riding as far as I can ever since. 

Currently, I ride a ’19 BMW F850GS and have really enjoyed taking advanced training more regularly. Motorcycling really gets better the more you know. This year I look forward to more off-roading trips.

As a Rider Coach, I want to help others discover the wonderful world of motorcycling and what it holds for them. I also strive to support women riders better. 

Zoey owns and operates Ace Rider Motorcycle School and serves as the Secretary for Women in the Wind Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Combat Veteran Kirstie Ennis Awarded Motorcycle

Women in the Wind chapter helps veteran hero ride again

When our brave men and women in the military return home from combat missions, many carry with them physical and mental scars and disabilities. Such injuries can prevent them from pursuing activities they once enjoyed, such as motorcycling.

Combat Hero Bike Build (CHBB), a 501(c)3 organization, exists to help return to our wounded heroes the freedoms they once enjoyed on two wheels. They transform donated or purchased motorcycles into vehicles specifically adapted for a unique veteran’s physical challenges.

In June 2023, CHBB awarded a modified motorcycle to Kirstie Ennis, a a retired U.S. Marine Corps sergeant and Colorado resident who was injured in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan in 2012 and lost her left leg.

As part of our mission to support women in motorcycling, Women in the Wind Rocky Mountain Chapter made a sizable financial donation to Kirstie’s bike project. Some of our members escorted Kirstie on a poker run to receive her bike award, which was a moving and inspirational (and rainy! lol) experience.

Photos provided by Luminous Imaging Solutions

Chapter Update

From Kat, Women in the Wind Rocky Mountain Chapter President:

At this time of year, many of us are suffering from major PMS – parked motorcycle syndrome. We are making plans for another riding season while fondly recalling the adventures of the past season.

Looking back at 2022, I was fortunate to attend the WITW Summer International Conference along with several of our chapter members. In addition to the conference, highlights of the road trip included a visit to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. Definitely a must see! This great collection includes a tribute to Women in the Wind and houses Becky Brown’s purple Harley Davidson Sporty. [Becky is the original founder of Women in the Wind.]

Other personal highlights included exploring the incredible collections at Pioneer Village in Kearney, Nebraska, and visiting the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, along with great scenery as we traversed lots of back roads. What a great trip!

A shout out to one of our Rocky Mountain Chapter members who has served our chapter as secretary, and is currently our treasurer. In September 2022 Sara was honored for her exemplary service in the US Navy at the Veterans Memorial Walkway at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico. The Memorial honors members of America’s armed forces and the bricks that line the Walkway commemorate all United States veterans. Each brick holds a story.

On a day in which almost 500 veterans were remembered and honored for their service, Sara was presented her brick as friends and family watched it placed in the Memorial Walkway. With appreciation to Sara, and all those involved in our chapter, and to our Veterans. Thank you for your service!

Pets in the Wind!

We love our motorcycles and we love our pets! Some of the members of Women in the Wind Rocky Mountain Chapter have found ways to combine these loves and take their pets on the road with them.

“Riding” Out the Pandemic as Sisters

Just like everyone else, the members of WITW Rocky Mountain Chapter have struggled with the losses and challenges that the COVID pandemic has brought, including the (in)ability to meet with our fellow chapter members. We changed our regular meeting venue to Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, where we can gather outside and practice social distancing amongst the picnic tables, when the weather is warm enough to do so. When the weather has been cold, we have connected virtually via Zoom.

During 2020, WITW Rocky Mountain Chapter members still got lots of riding done, both together and apart. Our members traveled on motorcycle all over the US, collectively (and safely) racking up 97,685 miles! Together we spent a couple of nights in Lake George, CO, and participated in the Salute to American Veterans ride in Cripple Creek.

We are currently making tentative and hopeful plans for a variety of rides and trips together in 2021 (including Southwest Quest 2). Together or apart, we share our love of motorcycling and each other!

Celebrating 30 Years of Sisterhood on Motorcycles

Commemorative 30-year anniversary patch

In 1989, when Gloria (“Glow”) Garrett decided to start a group for women motorcycle riders in the Denver area, she had no idea that the group she founded would still be here, going strong, 30 years later.

Glow shares these reflections  on the chapter’s origins:

An independent woman looking for her people. I started the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in the Wind because I didn’t listen to those who told me I couldn’t.

The chapter grew up along with women riders. At the time of its inception, very few women rode their own motorcycles. Bike manufacturers didn’t know we existed and bike shops hadn’t quite adjusted the cater to women riders. Bike gear and clothing were all designed for men. Yes, there were certain articles of clothing made just for us which, of course, showed off our best assets, but for the serious rider, not so much.

Being single and a new “street rider” myself, I was looking for women to ride with. I purchased every motorcycle magazine I could find (no google then). Lo and behold on the very back page of one, I discovered a tiny little ad for Women in the Wind. The founder, Becky Brown, took me under her wing and the rest is history.

My roommate had just purchased a motorcycle, I put an ad in the Denver newspaper, posted at a few bike shops and we were set up for our first meeting. Only one woman showed up, my roommate bailed and I thought, well, this is moving right along.

Over the years, the membership has changed, as has the overall organization. The “biker” attitude has become a bit more tolerant of women riders. We are stronger, we have a voice, we have bikes, gear and clothes that fit us. We bond with each other over motorcycles and life-long friendships are formed. Most importantly, we have fun.

It is my pleasure to have started the first Colorado chapter of Women in the Wind and to watch it grow and to pass the baton to those of you who will take this legacy into the next 30 years.

Dedicated to the women we rode with then, ride with now and will ride with in the future.

glow with 30 year patch
Gloria “Glow” Garrett holding 3o-year commemorative patch

Today, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in the Wind is going strong, with members throughout Denver and the Front Range area of Colorado. We gather monthly throughout the year and ride motorcycles together as often as we can.

For more historical tidbits of Women in the Wind International and its many chapters around the world, visit https://witwhistory.wixsite.com/witwhistory.

Summer Recap

Members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women in the Wind had a fun and busy summer riding motorcycles all over Colorado and the US! Here are some highlights:

WITW Summer Internationals in Tulsa, OK

We had 13 women (plus a few extra guys) ride from Colorado to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the 2019 Summer Internationals Convention, hosted by the Twisted Sisters Chapter. Despite the heat wave and temps over 100, we had a great time exploring Tulsa and the sights along Route 66.




Uniting Women Motorcycle Riders in Colorado